WordPress in One Hour for Lawyers – Add Borders to Images

WordPress Upgrade Took Away Ability to Add Borders to Images Easily


Add Border To Images
Image Editing With Plugin Installed (Click for Full Size)

If you purchased my book WordPress in One Hour For Lawyers you may be shaking your head about my instructions on editing images. This is because the newest version of WordPress, 3.9, supposedly made it easier to edit images.  Unfortunately, in doing so, the feature to add borders was taken away. This change is very controversial, with people all over the web complaining about the loss.  I am writing this post, hoping that in the next upgrade, WordPress will restore the ability to easily add borders to images, but also, to let you know that there is a plugin that you can use to solve the problem.

The plugin is called Advanced Image Styles and is available by going to plugins and choosing add new. Then search for Advanced Image Styles.  Information about the plugin is available here.

One of the risks of writing any book on something related to technology is that things will change. If you purchased my book and have discovered any other discrepancies, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will update you on whatever issues you find, if I am able to do so.


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