What is the Attorney’s Oath?

What Attorney’s Oath must one sign prior to being approved as lawyer by the states in the USA?

Answer: All lawyers have ethical/professionalism rules they must obey as part of being a lawyer. You agree to obey these rules when you are sworn in.  The oath itself is pretty simple, and it varies from state to state, but generally the oath will require the attorney to follow the rules, uphold the constitution, etc. The rules involve zealously representing clients, being honest, behaving with integrity, protecting confidentiality, there are a lot of rules. Too many to discuss here.  Each state adopts its own rules, but most states base their rules on what are called the ABA model rules. If you have a specific state in mind look up something like ethics rules attorneys state and you should find what you need.  If you want to look at the ABA model rules, look here.

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