Block an App in Facebook

Somewhat frequently I see requests from people begging others to stop inviting them to play games. I get the frustration, it can be annoying seeing all of the spam on your wall. Fortunately, Facebook has solved this problem by making it possible to ignore specific apps or all requests from specific people.

1. Look to the right side of Facebook. Not where your cover photo is, the page where you look at all of the posts by everyone. If you are on the correct page you will see information about app requests.

2. If you have just one app listed, you will need to hover over it to get the X to appear so you can remove it.

3. If however, you have a note that a number of apps have requests, you will need to click on the link instead.

4. You will see a new window showing a list of the apps to which you have been invited. Click on the X next to the app you want to remove.

5. You will see the option to block the app or the person. You aren’t blocking the person’s posts, just the ability of that person to invite you to apps. In the image I have removed the person’s name for privacy. If you want to just block the app, click “Block name of app.” If you want to block the person, click “Ignore all requests from person.”

6. If ever you want to restore the app or the person, go into Privacy Settings, Blocked People and Apps, and change the settings there.

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