PBA Pairs with Clio



The Pennsylvania Bar Association and Clio (my favorite law practice management service) have joined together. If you are a PBA member you can get a 10% discount. The PBA link (so you get the discount) is here.

I have been using Clio for over a year now and I like it a lot. I chose to use it after a considerable amount of research. Disclaimer, I get Clio for free. That isn’t why I chose it, nor why I continue to use it. I consistently recommend it to my clients and I don’t get a referral fee for doing so. (Clio offers one, I just refuse to take it so I can remain neutral.)

The main reason I like Clio is because it is simple. That and I can use it anywhere and keep all of my data synced without backup concerns.

I won’t tell you Clio is perfect, nothing is. However, the company has made major steps over the past year in terms of adding services, and it keeps adding them. I don’t even come close to using all of  the features right now. Tech support is responsive and extremely helpful. Clio also provides live and recorded webinars for training purposes.

Clio is still small enough that if I find a problem and let someone know, the folks act quickly to resolve the problem if they can. Otherwise tech support adds the problem to a “bug” list and if enough people bring the issue up, they makes a change. This is how modern software/tech companies generally operate these days.

If you are looking to manage your time keeping, document management, and myriad other features of your practice in a better way, check out Clio. It is free for the first month, so you don’t have anything to lose.

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