Did you read the dictionary? Do you get lost on the web?

I just had an interesting exchange with someone via email. She expressed that she was impressed with what I knew. In return I explained to her that I only know a lot because I love to read. I further explained that the basis of my knowledge began as a child when I would read dictionaries and encyclopedias. Something would strike my interest so I would look it up in the appropriate book. Reading the entry, something else would strike my interest, so I would read that. And so on.

The Internet really is perfect for people like me. Just like I did as a child, I spend a lot of time reading about one topic, seeing the kernel of another, and moving on to read about that one. When I get in one of the moods that leads me in this direction I can spend hours lost in reading about obscure topics. Literally finding a part of a web (get it, web) pulling on the string and unraveling it to the next topic. Frequently I will start on a normal topic and the next thing you know I will be reading about a conspiracy theory related to an airport. How I got to the airport topic and learning about the New World Order I cannot begin to tell you. And yet, I have read all about it (both people who support the concept and people who are skeptical about it.)

I know I am far from the only one who wastes an incredible amount of time this way. I guess it isn’t all wasted. I did know to go check out the murals at the airport when I flew through there one time. They were extraordinary, not because of the conspiracy theory, but because of the art work. Also, I frequently impress people with my very random knowledge. Some of it is even useful. This sort of interest in reading and following strings serves me well for my legal research and the practice of law. I am good at finding the most unexpected decisions that can be helpful in a case, or, for my technology work, solutions to problems I and my clients encounter.

What about you? Do you like to do this? Do you find yourself lost on the web from time to time?

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