Resolve to Backup your Data

It is absolutely crucial that attorneys, law firms, business people, everyone really, have proper backup protection for their data. That protection should include the following:

1. External hard drive to back up both important files and the hard drive image
2. Cloud based backup for important files, and possibly the hard drive image.

I use the following:

1. ADATA DashDrive with 500 gigs.
2. Spideroak online


My external hard drive is used to create a hard drive image. This image makes a backup of the software on my computer as well as my computer set up. It does not make a copy of all files on my computer.

To perform this backup, I simply use the tool that came with Windows 7.  My computer automatically performs this backup once a month. I keep two versions, just in case there is a problem with one.

I also back up my documents and other non-program/non-system files every week. I could back them up more often, I just choose not to do so, because I have the online solution as well.


Spideroak automatically backs up all files I directed it to back up when I first installed it. For no further cost, it backups my laptop as well. I don’t keep much on my laptop, but from time to time, when I am working on something, it is nice to know that the files are safe. Spideroak also keeps copies of old versions of files, which I delete from time to time. I can access my files from any location.

Some people find Spideroak a bit complicated, and there are a few things the company could do to make it a bit more user friendly. But I find it to be the combination of the most cost-efficient and secure choice.

I have had to restore my files via Spideroak. The process was simple, if a bit time consuming due to the size of my backup. It takes a while to download 70 gigs.


The cost for all of this was about $170 for the first year, including purchase of the drive, and $100 per year for Spideroak, which gives a discount of 2 months if you pay in advance.

Given the value of my data, these costs are incredibly small, compared to the harm that would occur if I had a problem with my computer.


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