Don’t Advertise for the Competition – Remove Recommended Videos from YouTube When you Embed them Elsewhere

YouTube has altered its embedding process making it easier to remove the related videos. See the new post here.


Video is an amazing marketing tool. In addition to using text, attorneys should record and upload videos to YouTube. They should then place those videos all over the web, their websites, blogs, social media accounts, everywhere. One problem though, is that when you embed a YouTube video you provide the opportunity for other attorneys, most likely your direct competition, to share their videos right on your site or social media account. Why is this? Because YouTube has something called related videos. It automatically recommends videos related to yours based on keywords and descriptions. So, if you are a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania divorce firm, and you use those words as the tags in the video, YouTube will recommend similarly tagged videos. Again, meaning your competition.  Fortunately there is a solution. It will seem technical and confusing, but it really isn’t.

Removing Related Videos

The secret for removing related videos is as simple as rel=0.  What it means is related=0 or don’t provide related videos.  The trick is where to put it.

The first thing you need to do is grab the embedded code form the video you want to share. To do so right click on the video.














Next paste the resulting text. If you are working in something like WordPress, make sure you are HTML and not in Visual.

The text for the embed code looks something like this:



If people play the video, at the end they will see related videos, like this:



Now to fix the problem.  Find the link to the video (it will appear twice after and look for the &. Remove the information after the &, in this case feature=player_detailpage and replace it with rel=0. Again, you need to do this in two places. it will look like the below. Arrows for where I placed the replacement text.


And that’s it. Now, instead of providing a location for competition to market on your site, viewers will simply see a couple of useful options. Like this:


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