Don’t frustrate people with your website – Give them the information they need.

Today I am trying to complete a job which requires me to look at the websites of several specific firms, find out who is in charge of a particular area of practice and then call and/or email that person to ask a question.  The reason why I am doing this doesn’t matter, what does matter is that all four of the websites I just looked at did not provide me the information I needed. I could not identify who was in charge of the department I needed, and in most cases, I could not even identify the attorneys who practiced in the area I was researching.

Imagine I am a potential client, that I find your website, and then cannot figure out who to call. Potential clients aren’t going to comb through your website to figure out who to call or email. And while some people will be happy to fill out a general contact form, others will want to know exactly to whom they will be speaking or emailing.

Whether you already have a website or are looking to create a new one, please make certain that it is easy for potential clients to find the information and people they need so they can hire you.

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