Is Google Testing Integration of Google+ Posts in Your Market?

It seems that Google is testing how it will integrate Google+ search results.  While having a conversation about how Google would use nonpersonalized Google+ results I conducted a search on SOPA and found that Google put the Google+ search results on the right side of the page, where it normally puts ads. You will note I am not signed in to Google, so these results have nothing to do with my Google account.

I imagine Google is testing different ways of showing the Google+ results that will address concerns that having the social media results will negatively impact “true” web search. I also imagine Twitter is kicking itself for having terminated its relationship with Google.

I know search engine optimization folks are waiting to see what will happen. Personally, I find watching this very exciting. I am not sure when I became a social media/search engine optimization geek, but apparently I have.

For more information, see Google’s informational page. It really just provides information on how to set up a Google+ account or page.



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