Don’t Get Hacked – Protecting Your Data

Protecting Your Data – What You Need to Know to Avoid Being Hacked


Avoid Getting HackedI wrote a blog post for my law firm on ways you can protect your data so you can avoid being hacked like Jennifer Lawrence.  Read the full post here. To summarize:

  1. Have strong passwords. 12-14 characters with a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols.
  2. Use two step verification. (Let’s you set up specific devices that are allowed to access your data.)
  3. Use a passcode on your phones and tablets.
  4. Don’t connect your various accounts.
  5. Use unusual answers to safety/recovery questions.
  6. Encrypt your data.


Make sure you keep your data secure. Even if you aren’t a celebrity, the last thing you need is your private data (or even worse your nude pictures) plastered all over the web.

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