Be Quick – Edit a Facebook Comment

Update: Facebook has changed this. You can now edit comments at any point.


Ever posted a comment and made a typo, forcing you to delete the comment and start over? Well with the new comment system (you hit enter instead of having to click on comment) you have a brief period of time to fix your mistake.

The period is very brief, about a minute or so, and it isn’t an obvious option.

Here is how it works.  Make your comment and hover your mouse to the right where you will see an x.  An icon will pop- up with the word “remove.”

In the past, if you clicked on this x you would be asked whether you want to delete the comment.  Now, if you click on this within the first minute of having made your comment, instead of being asked if you want to delete the comment you will be able to edit it.

As you can see, I can edit my comment as I desire.  I simply hit enter when I am done and my comment is posted.

If you wait too long to edit your comment the usual do you want to delete question will pop up.

Click on cancel if you don’t want to delete your comment, click on delete if you do.



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