Twitter Jumps on the Security Bandwagon – So Turn it On

If you recall a while back I suggested you (ok outright told you to) turn on the secure feature of Facebook that adds the s to http: when you are on Facebook.  Well Twitter has added the same level of security to protect its users and it is easy to turn on.



Go to, scroll down and look for HTTPS Only.  Click on the box.  Click Save. Enter your password.  All set.


It Looks Like This








See, told you it was easy.


Alternate Directions

If you prefer, you may access the feature as follows:

Go to

Log in to your Account

Click on Profile


Click on Edit your Profile

Scroll down to the bottom.

Keep Scrolling


Click on the box for Always use HTTPS.

Click Save. Enter your password as requested.

That’s it.  Your Twitter account is now less likely to be hacked.

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