Facebook adds Page Feed Feature

One of the biggest problems I have with Facebook is that it is impossible to keep up with all of the posts.  Until Facebook creates some kind of a decent search engine that enables users to actually search what their friends and the pages they follow post, anything posted on Facebook has an incredibly short shelf life.

Practically before I post something on one of the pages I manage, it is gone. Rarely does anyone actually see what I post on behalf of my clients, unless I promote it, or someone actually bothers to go look at the page.

This, of course, is not only a problem for users, it is a problem for businesses that seek to use Facebook’s pages as a marketing and informational tool. And, of course, since Facebook needs to make money, anything that is a problem for marketers is a serious problem for Facebook.

In an effort to encourage users to look at posts on pages, Facebook has created a page feed. The feed shows up on the left hand side of Facebook and enables users to see what has been posted on pages since they last looked.

This really doesn’t resolve the short shelf-life issue, but it does help a bit. At least it calls a bit of attention to the posts folks put on Facebook pages.


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