Just spoke with some folks about Pacer Pro – looks like an intriguing product

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by someone from a company called Pacer Pro.  Anyone who uses Pacer knows that the information it contains is crucial, but that sometimes, using it can be a bit challenging. Enter the folks from Pacer Pro.  Essentially they have created a shell that works over Pacer. This shell creates substantial functionality to make Pacer easier to use. In addition to the cloud-based product, they also created an iPad application. I can definitely see people bringing an iPad in to court with all of the information stored in the Pacer Pro app.

I promised the Pacer Pro folks that I would sign up for a free test of their product and review it when I have a chance. So aside from seeing a quick demo and telling you that the idea looks good, I cannot tell you how well the product works. So I cannot say buy it or don’t buy it right now. But I will say, if you spend a lot of time using Pacer, you might consider trying out Pacer Pro for free. You can request an invitation on their site.


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