Removing an Incorrect Skill from LinkedIn

The LinkedIn endorsement system is quite interesting. It confused a lot of people when it showed up, and it is still confusing a lot of people. On the other hand, people are using it quite a bit. So I guess I would have to say that right now, endorsements are a bit of a mixed bag.

One of the issues of concern for attorneys though, is that people are endorsing random areas of practice  that LinkedIn chooses, and the attorneys don’t actually practice. That is a pretty big no-no. We don’t want to hold ourselves out as practicing law in areas in which we don’t practice.

In fact, today a colleague told me someone had endorsed her in an area she doesn’t practice. She wanted to know what to do about it. Fortunately, a quick look showed me how to resolve the problem. Now I’ll show you.

  • Log in to LinkedIn and go to Profile and Edit Profile
  • Scroll down until you see Skills and Expertise and click on Edit


  • Now simply click the X next to the skill you want to remove.
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