Facebook Pages Now 150% More Useful For Networking and Marketing (Ok I made that figure up)

Facebook has made some interesting changes to its Pages.  Pages are what businesses should use instead of individual Accounts.

So far I like what I see.

The major changes are in terms of appearance (Tabs are no longer across the top but are now links across the side,) and communication possibilities.

The communication possibility changes are a big deal.  In the past I found myself frustrated because I always had to communicate with users personally, I never could do so as the Page.  This meant if I wanted to ask a question or post a comment on behalf of the business or firm (as opposed to on behalf of myself) I couldn’t do so.

Thankfully Facebook has responded to this problem by adding the option to, “Use Facebook as Name of Page.”

This change enables me and any business or firm to actually go out into Facebook and interact with the users as the business.

What a wonderful networking opportunity.

Facebook Pages have just become about 150% more useful for marketing purposes.

Kudos Facebook!

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