The Lazy…uh…Quick Way to Create Contacts in Outlook

Putting Contacts into the Outlook address book can be time consuming and it is a task that I tend to do when I don’t really need to focus on it, e.g. watching tv.  The problem is I prefer to delete emails when as I go through them so my email In Box is organized.

I have a simple solution for dealing with this problem that enables me to save the information while deleting information I don’t need and setting up the contact for later completion.

First, the way to quickly create a contact in Outlook is to open the email and right click on the email address of the person who sent you the email.

A box will pop open. Left click on “Add to Outlook Contacts.”  The email address will automatically populate and a box will open.

Most people these days have signatures that include their full contact information.  Right click again, select the information, left click on copy, go to the Contact box, click on the space for Notes, right click and paste.

Now you have the person’s email address (and likely their name) populated in the correct fields, and the rest of the information saved in the Notes field.

Click to Enlarge

At your leisure go back and paste the items from the Notes field in the correct place in the file.

Be sure to save and update the Contact when you make the changes.

That’s it!

If someone has a v-card the process is even easier.  Open the v-card in Outlook and it will populate everything for you. Don’t forget to save.

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