Does Firefox Remember The Wrong Password? Here’s How to Fix It.

What To Do When Firefox Remembers the Wrong Password


If you are anything like me, you cannot remember all of your passwords. So you encourage Firefox (or Internet Explorer or Chrome) to remember your passwords for you. But sometimes, for whatever reason, the wrong password gets in there, and no matter how many times you try to change it, the wrong password keeps showing up. Then you end up having to reset your password, only to find out that Firefox insisted on saving your old password. Again. ad nauseum.

Fortunately, it is fixable. Here is how to fix the problem in Firefox.


1. Click on Firefox (upper left corner.) Then click Options and Options



2. A box will pop up. Click on Saved Passwords


Saved Passwords

3. You will see all of your saved passwords. You can search for one if you need be. (I have removed all but one for obvious reason).  Hilight the one you want and either press delete on your keyboard or click Remove. You can click Remove All to get rid of all of the passwords.


Remove Passwords



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