Office 365 Tech Support Makes Me Want to Bang My Head on my Desk

I Hate Office 365 Tech Support


Office 365 Tech Support is Evil. Evil I say!Understand, I don’t use the word hate lightly. There is very little I hate. I don’t like calamari, for example. But I don’t hate it. So maybe I should say I dislike Office 365 tech support. But I really really dislike it. Why? Because it is useless. They don’t seem to know their own products and don’t really seem to want to help. Also, when I talk to a man, which is most times, I end up with a sexist pig. Not always, but often.

Many Calls – So Many Calls

I was an early adopter of Office 365. I had BPOS before, which is the predecessor to Office 365. Early in the creation of Office 365 they kept making changes for the install process. This resulted in numerous problems. Which resulted in numerous phone calls.

Every time I send a help request, I end up solving the problem myself. I don’t know why I bother contacting tech support. Today I told the person I spoke to that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. I guess I should remind myself of this next time I think about contacting Office 365 tech support.

Office 365 Doesn’t Have a Mobile App – Yes, Yes It Does

This time, I called because Office 365 has a mobile app. Unfortunately, when I tried to run the Office Mobile App it told me I don’t have a subscription. This is why I contacted tech support. Apparently this is a common problem, and why the app has a very low rating on iTunes.

Call Apple – But it is a Microsoft Product – Call Apple – But… (rinse and repeat)

At first the person insisted there was no mobile app except some limited items for email, Lync and so on. I said no, those were not what I wanted, I wanted the mobile app. He asked me where I got the app, how I downloaded it, etc. I explained there was an app in the iTunes store created by Microsoft. He was incredulous.  At this point, he was connected to my computer so I showed it to him.

Once I convinced the tech support person that there was an app, he insisted Apple had to troubleshoot the app.  His basis for this is that the app is downloaded from iTunes. I said it isn’t Apple’s app. It is Microsoft’s  app. So who trouble shoots your app, I asked.

This went on for quite a while. He would say you have to call Apple. I would say no, it is a Microsoft app and a Microsoft problem. The guy kept putting me on hold (hoping I would go away?) and then would come back two minutes later and tell me I had to call Apple.

The Supervisor is the Only One!

At that point I got a supervisor. His name was Vishal Veve. (I am guessing on the spelling of the first name. He spelled his last name for me.) I explained I found the problem on Microsoft’s website and told him the solution didn’t make sense, could he walk me through it. Apparently it didn’t make sense to him either. He went back to the party line, Apple has to support the app. In an effort to show him how absurd this was, I said, if I go to Best Buy and purchase Windows, does Best Buy provide technical support  He insisted it wasn’t the same. I said ok, if I download Office from Amazon, who provides technical support? He just kept insisting it was Apple’s job. I kept insisting it wasn’t.

No matter what I said, he wouldn’t budge. Understand, I wasn’t asking him to support the app, I was asking him to tell me who I should call at Microsoft for help. But he just kept insisting I had to call Apple. No matter how absurd I showed him that solution was.

I finally asked for his supervisor. He insisted he didn’t have one. Oh, I said. Are you Bill Gates? (Yes, I know Bill Gates is retired.) I told him I would figure out who from Microsoft supported the app, because there had to be someone. Then I hung up.

Who Supports the App? One Hint – Not Apple

As it turns out, the verification issue is a known problem that Microsoft is working on resolving. So, apparently, Microsoft does support the app that the people on the phone were entirely unaware of.  My advice. If you need tech support from Office 365, use the online boards. Sometimes you can get an answer that makes sense. I didn’t see anyone there suggesting that Apple should support the Microsoft app.

All Roads Lead to Office 365 Tech Support

By the way, I called customer service at Microsoft to complain. The person there insisted she had to send me to Office 365 technical support. I said I don’t want technical support. I want to discuss the years of absurdity I have had with technical support, and I want to discuss it with a customer service agent. She said oh no, it will be customer service. I said ok, as long as it isn’t technical support. Guess where she sent me. That’s right. Technical support. I hung up.

When I get a chance, I am going to write an actual snail mail letter to Microsoft. But I don’t expect to get anywhere. I think they will just send it to Office 365 technical support. And I will probably get a call. From someone at Office 365 technical support.


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