Get off the @#%#! Phone on the Train!

You might think this is about noise on the train. It isn’t. It is about confidentiality.

I am, right now, on the train back from NYC. I myself have taken several brief calls. We aren’t in the quiet car, no harm no foul.

But as I have sat in this train for 1.5 hours now I have heard two long calls.

One was a man obnoxiously trying to win business on a conference call. He had everyone within 5 rows rolling their eyes. He also stared at me his entire call. Nice dude.  But that isn’t what got under my skin.  But still, don’t be the annoying dude.

What bugged me (and is still bugging me since he seemingly plans to speak the entire ride) is that an attorney two rows from me is clearly having a detailed confidential call with his client. His effort to protect his client consists of a magazine over his mouth.

Does anyone think this works?  I am not really listening and yet I know his client’s first name, have an idea what his case is about, know the city in which the client is based, and know some of his strategy. If I were listening closely I imagine I would know his entire strategy.

Is it that hard to believe someone connected to the case could be on the train? Or maybe a reporter. Or perhaps an irritated attorney who feels like sharing what she has heard?

Risking client confidentiality in this way is unacceptable. Tell the client you aren’t in a private place and you will call back as soon as you can.

Oh get this. The attorney just said, “oh we don’t have to tip our hands…”  Well sir I beg to differ. You just did

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