Follow up on the Tyler Clementi Story – Molly Wei

I posted a bit ago on Dharun Ravi and the serious charges against him for his alleged role in the suicide of Tyler Clementi. Now Molly Wei, who has pretty much been a side note in the whole tragedy, has worked out a deal with the prosecutor.  Wei pleaded not guilty to two charges of invasion of privacy and gets to go in a pre-trial intervention program. In return she has to testify against Ravi, complete 300 hours of community service, and is required to take counseling on cyberbullying and on dealing with people who have “alternative lifestyles.”   If she completes all that is required of her and stays clean for 3 years, the charges will be dropped.

The Prosecutor asked the Clementi family how they felt about the deal and it seems they agreed. Clementi’s father said, “Actions have consequences. We hope (after going through the program) Ms. Wei will become a better person and show kindness to people.”

Details here and here.



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