Got a Fake LinkedIn Email – Watch for Phishing

Someone is Phishing LinkedIn

Today I had an email from LinkedIn sitting in my junk folder.  It had the exclamation point that posts have when they are marked as important.  Of course, both items caused suspicion for me.  I moved the email from my junk folder so I could look more closely at it, but then I went directly to LinkedIn and logged in, as opposed to clicking on the email.  The result was that the person who supposedly wanted to connect to me as per the email, had not actually tried to connect to me.

Clearly this was a phishing email and someone is after passwords. Had I followed the link, I would have either ended up with malware or given away my password.

Don’t Click on the Email

The best way to avoid phishing, viruses, etc, is to go right to the site and log in there as opposed to actually clicking on it.

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