Promoted Posts – Facebook has Provided Some Solutions

Some Solutions to the Facebook Promoted Posts Geography Issue

It turns out Facebook has provided solutions to some of the issues I have encountered with regard to Promoted Posts. I do not know if these tools existed before, I found them randomly today. Regardless, I found them and look forward to using them to limit the complaints of some of the people who get upset about the geography issues.

Turning on Promoted Post Targeting

You actually need to turn on targeting to control who will see your posts.  To do so, go to your page:

  1. Edit Page
  2. Manage Permissions
  3. Post Privacy Gating
  4. Save

Once you do this you will find a new option for Targeting when you go to promote a post.

Using Targeting in Promoted Posts

You need to do turn on targeting before you post the item you plan on promoting. As you create a new post you will see an option that looks like a target. Click on it. There you can choose from various options. The options include such things as location, gender, age and so on, much like in regular Facebook ads.

Promoted Posts Targeting target2







I am very glad to have discovered the ability to control my posts this way. I was a bit concerned about promoting posts to states in which my firm’s attorneys are not licensed.  Now I will be able to resolve the issue.  I just wish Facebook hadn’t done such a good job of hiding this tool. It would have saved me a lot of trouble from upset users in the first place.

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