Update on Facebook’s Promoted Posts – Why People Get Angry

Facebook Users are Angry about Geography in Promoted Posts

In my most recent Facebook promoted posts I have noticed a trend.  Most people are still fine with the posts, but on occasion someone is very unhappy.  In every case (except for the one I mentioned in a previous blog post) the people are upset that the promoted posts do not relate to them geographically.

How I Deal with Angry Users

In response I tell people that Facebook does not allow us to control the promotions geographically. I also explain how to hide the posts if they are so inclined. All you need to do is hover your mouse over the post, look for the arrow on the right, and choose your option. I am not sure this helps for people who are unreasonably angry. But then again, what helps when someone is being unreasonable?  We can only use the tool as it is supplied to us.

Facebook, Please Add More Controls to Promoted Posts

I have to say though, even before the complaints started, I wished Facebook would allow me to limit the location of the posts.  This is for two reasons.

1. Ethically I am concerned about the posts ending up in states where my firm doesn’t practice.2. It is a waste of our money. There is absolutely no point in sending a promoted post to states in which we don’t practice. I would rather the promotions focus on appropriate states so we get more use of the money. It is a flat-rate fee, but the fee is calculated based on how many people will see the promotion.

I hope, in the very near future, that Facebook allows more control over promoted posts. It is certainly capable of providing options such as location, age, and so on. The regular pay-per-click ads have this ability and there is no reason not to allow it for promoted posts as well.

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