How to change images on Facebook page tabs

Important note:

I think maybe Facebook is having some issues right now. I mentioned in this post that random images appeared a few times when I first tried to change the image. That problem seems to have become constant. I have been unable to upload a new image for the past hour (starting around 6:30pm on March 8.) So if you find this does not work for you, please be patient. Hopefully Facebook will fix the issue soon.

I reported this to Facebook via their feedback form. If you experience the same thing, I recommend you report it as well.

Original Post

I was asked today whether it is possible to change the images on Facebook page tabs. Good question, I thought, so I took a look. Sure enough, no longer do you need an app to change images on tabs. Facebook has actually made it quite easy.

Here is how.

Create your image – Size

Obviously you need to begin by creating your image. I quickly made an image for testing purposes. For no particular reason, my image was 140 by 105. I also decided to use some pictures I already had. Those were 80 x 95.

You will see that my first image completely filled the space while my second did not.  It seems that Facebook made the image 102 x 74.

Change the image

Now let me walk you through the process of changing the image. (Click on any image to see it full size.)

1. Make sure you can see all of your tabs as opposed just to the four you see when you first look at a page. To do this click on the carrot next to your last tab.





This will show you all of your tabs.












2. Hover your mouse over the tab you want to change. You will see a pencil icon. If you click on the icon you will see a list of options.












3. Click on edit settings. Under edit settings you can change the name that will show as well as the image. Click on “change” to change the image.









4. You will be taken to a new window. Click change again.









5. You will be taken to an upload window. Upload your image.









6. Once you have uploaded your image you should see it. Make sure it is correct. Twice some random image showed for me. Once I think it was because of the size, the second time I think it was the name.







Close this window. This should take you back to your Facebook page where you will see the edit box from step 3. Be sure you click on Okay.


7. Repeat for each Tab. When you are finished you should have something like this for all of your tabs.












And this for your first 3 tabs. (You cannot move the photo tab.)




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