How to delete a post from your Facebook Timeline

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Facebook Hides How to Delete a Post

The other day I noticed an error in a post on Facebook by someone and pointed it out (because I knew the person would care.) She wrote me back in frustration informing me she couldn’t figure out how to delete the post. I was surprised until I realized, Facebook has hidden how to delete a post. It seemed obvious to me, but I am constantly on Facebook, so no wonder I could find it, but my colleague, who is almost never on Facebook, could not. I also realized the same problem exists on Twitter.

Recognizing that if my colleague could not figure out how to delete a post on Facebook there have to be other people with the same problem, I figured I would take a moment and write a post on the subject. I will write a separate post on Twitter.

No Obvious Way to Delete a Post

If we look at a typical Facebook post on the Timeline, there is absolutely no obvious way to delete the post.

Delete Facebook Post Step 1

Just hover your mouse to the right.

However, if you move your mouse to the top right side of the post, you will see the option you need to remove it.

Delete Facebook Post Showing X


Click on the X and the option to delete the post will appear.


Facebook Sure Want to Delete


Click on delete and you are all set.



This post was updated on June 22, 2013.

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