Is Being a Lawyer Meaningful? Why Did You Choose to be an Attorney?

Question: What are the meaningful aspects of being a lawyer?

I chose to be an attorney because I found the law fascinating after taking several related courses.  I also, as with Gil, wanted to be empowered as a person, and to have the ability to help others.

Once I left school, I chose a unique career path, which has been quite different from that of the traditional attorney. It is actually only now, 14 years since I graduated school, that I am working in a law firm. But my time is not focused on practice. I am a combination of a business woman, lawyer, marketer, and technology person. Law school was a crucial part of training my mind to understand how to help other attorneys to improve their practice and is also crucial in helping me in the work do now.

What motivates me is helping to improve the practice of law, its efficacy, and its availability. In addition, I am motivated by addressing and helping attorneys manage changes in the profession.  Last, only by list but not by importance, is the ability I have gained to stand up for people who need assistance, whether through formal practice in my firm, or through the pro bono work I do and have done.

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