Microsoft Fail – My frustrating efforts to return the Microsoft Surface

As I mentioned, I decided to return the Microsoft Surface because I would rather have the Pro.

Attempt Number One

I called on the 5th to return the Surface RT. The woman was helpful and polite.  She processed the RMA number for both items (the Surface and the Keyboard.)  She asked, have I received the labels I will need to return the product yet? No, I said. Oh, she said, well you will have them in a few minutes.

I cannot return the products without the labels. This is key. It is also key to remember the woman said I would have the labels within a few minutes.

I didn’t receive the labels. I waited two days. Still no labels.

Attempt Number Two

So this morning, I called to ask about the labels. The person didn’t seem to be able to understand the problem. By this point, very tired of the fact that I couldn’t just email and had to keep wasting time on the phone, I was fed up. I told him to give me to someone who could help me. People never like it when you say this, so he proceeded to argue. Very fed up, I said I am done talking to you, give me to someone else.

So, stuck on hold for about 5-10 minutes, someone else came on the line. He promised I would have the labels shortly. Good, I thought, and went about my day.

Attempt Number Three

At 4:50 this afternoon, still no labels. So I called. Each time the person at Microsoft repeats back what is supposed to be the problem. The person clearly didn’t understand me. I said please give me to someone who can understand me. He argued. I said I want to speak to someone who understands me. He argued. So I hung up.

Attempt Number Four

I called back AGAIN. Hoping against hope to speak to someone who could understand me. The person repeated back my problem, and he got it just right. And then, he said to me, have you received the products yet? I said are you serious? Why would you ask me if I received a product yet when I am trying to return it?  I said, you need to give me to someone else. He argued, but we got there.

The next person seemed to understand the problem. He asked me, did I get case numbers from the other people I spoke to. Case numbers? No one ever offered a case number, no. He said oh, I am sorry. I could all but hear the sigh in his voice.

He asked me can I hold another 5 minutes? I said why can’t you just send me the labels? He said he has to research the issue. Fine I said, as long as you solve the problem.

Why do they have to research the issue. They have an RMA number, just send me the labels?


So finally I get an answer. The labels do not come in 5 minutes. They do not come in 24 hours, they come in 48-72 hours. So essentially, until the last person, everyone I have spoken to gave me wrong information, or was just out to irritate me.

The person was very apologetic. By the way, on hold for about 20 minutes to get this answer.


Microsoft, I had such good feelings about you. They are gone now. If they get any worse, I will forget about buying the Pro too.

Why didn’t the email just say how long it would take to get the labels? Why doesn’t Microsoft provide the ability to check the status of my return online? Why doesn’t Microsoft provide a customer service email address? And why, my goodness why, don’t the customer service people know how long it takes to get a label sent to customers who are returning a product?


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