Update on the Microsoft Customer Service Fail

I finally got my labels, and will be returning my Surface RT and keyboard tomorrow. I was made so frustrated by my experience that I am no longer convinced that I should buy the Surface Pro.

I will have to revisit the issue when the Pro comes out. But I am concerned that this is the kind of customer service I will experience if something goes wrong. I am not interested in spending 1k on a tablet only to be frustrated by the inability of Microsoft’s customer service to help me resolve the most simple of problems.  If it takes this many calls just to learn that I will get some labels in a few days, what happens if I have a serious problem with the Surface?

I just don’t want to deal with it. I have two jobs, I run a consulting firm and I work full time for a law firm. My time is too valuable to waste.  And you know what? So is yours.

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