Modern Banking: Depositing Checks by Smart Phone

How to Deposit a Check in the Era of Modern Banking – With a Click

When I moved, I needed to find a new bank. I decided to give a small, local bank my business and am happy with my decision. One of the reasons I chose the bank is because it had an app that would allow me to deposit checks remotely.

Setting Up the Connection to Use the App

I had to go through an approval process to get the application set up. This amounted to completing a brief online form, setting up a username and password, and waiting for approval. I completed the application in the evening and had approval the following morning. This is from my bank. Your mileage may vary.

Using the App to Deposit Checks

Once the connection between the service and my bank account was set, I had to follow these steps to deposit my first checks:

  1. Install the app on phone and/or tablet
  2. Log in
  3. Click deposit
  4. Enter the amount of the check
  5. Take a picture of the front of the check, click submit
  6. Take a picture of the back of the check, click submit
  7. Wait for confirmation
  8. Move on to the next check
  9. If the app cannot recognize the check, it provides a message reading  try again

My Experience Using the App

Most of the checks were easy to deposit. The issue I ran into the first time I used the app is that many business checks are physically larger than regular personal checks.  I was worried that the software wouldn’t be able to see the checks and had a bit of trouble framing them. The largest check (in terms of size) I had to do twice because it cut off, but the rest were fine. A regular personal check is very easy.

Now that I have been using the app for several months, I am used to how to take the pictures, and generally can frame the picture correctly the first time.

Reviewing the Deposit

The app has a review option which retains pictures of the checks and shows that the deposit was accepted. The picture of each check remains for a while, I think until final approval and confirmation that there are no issues with the check.

The bank recommends I hold onto the checks for a few days, but the money is generally available in my account the same or next business day.

Extraordinary, really, to think I can just take a picture of a check and deposit it.

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