Google Glass

My Quick Thoughts On Google Glass

I am not one of the chosen few who  got to shell out $1500 for Google Glass. In part, this is because I did not apply to be one of the chosen few.  That said, I am as curious as the  next person about how the device works, so I was happy to come across this video from TechCrunch.

I thought that Drew did a nice job showing the Glass, and I agree, it is too soon for this to be a consumer device.  Smart Phones live or die by their app stores, and I don’t see Glass being any different. As more apps come along, Glass will become more useful, and more people will be willing to buy it.  The price will need to come down substantially, of course. Perhaps cell phone providers will get into the deal so they can be connected directly to the network instead of having to be connected through your phone.  Perhaps, Glass will, in time, actually become a phone. Such a device would be markedly more useful.

I do think Google Glass is a game changer, because I think it will be capable of many things.  The whole issue of prescription glasses will definitely need to be worked out. I also have some concerns about distracted driving, but no more than when people look at their cell phones. Actually, I bet you can drive more safely with these than while trying to text with a phone, but I wouldn’t want to see people trying to read the news and drive, and you know they would.

In addition, I of course have privacy concerns. I don’t believe Google is concerned about our privacy, I think it wants all the data it can get on us so it can be used for marketing.  Even if you don’t mind that use, then you have to remember, well the data is stored, and with a subpoena, Google would have to give it to the government in a criminal investigation, for example.  Of course, I doubt Glass tracks us much more than the phones we carry in our pockets right now. We also have the issue of surreptitious video and audio recording as well as pictures, and the eventual face recognition software we can expect to be paired.  As a result, those who don’t have Google Glass will still have to worry about the integrity of those who do. Even though the video capability will be somewhat limited by battery power, for now, this is still a major problem.

As far as the people using the device, who knows, maybe Glass in some ways would be less obtrusive than the phones we are constantly staring at right now. Or at least people could pretend they are actually paying attention to us.

Anyway, I liked the video, it was well done and gave me the best sense of what Google Glass does that I have seen.

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