More on Avvo Listings

I have been asked a couple of questions about Avvo so I thought I would take a moment to answer them here.

1. Is it possible to increase your Avvo listing beyond what you get by filling out your profile.

– Yes. The best way to increase your profile is by asking other attorneys to endorse you. Generally I find that one endorsement equals one point.  I am told, but am not certain, that an endorsement from someone with a higher rating will equal a higher impact on your rating.  You should ask attorneys you know who are actually qualified to endorse you.

2. Are there any risks to claiming your Avvo rating.

-Yes. If you are especially young (i.e. new to being an attorney) or simply don’t have anything to add to your profile beyond your years of practice if you have been around a while.  You might want to take a look at your colleagues who have high ratings and compare what you are able to put in your profile to what they have in their profiles before you go ahead and claim yours.

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