Setting up the Facebook Banner

The Facebook Banner is the series of photos across the top of the wall on Facebook.

The banner is a bit difficult to manage unless you use a banner application. But those applications are mainly meant to split one picture into 5, so that won’t help with 5 different pictures.

Here are some quick instructions on managing your Facebook banner.

Here are the Steps

Pick at least 5 pictures.  You can use more, you cannot use less.

Re-size your Pictures

The issue most people have is that the pictures end up looking a bit odd because the size, as originally uploaded, don’t fit. So here is what you need to do.

Open up the picture(s) you want to use on your computer. Use a program that will enable you to re-size the picture, such as the included paint tool.

Click on the re-size option and change the horizontal size to 97 pixels. The vertical should be 67 pixels.

Sometimes where you will run into trouble is that the picture is too tall or too short. In the case of a picture that is too tall, look and see if it will fit nicely into the banner box anyway. I often find this to be the case. Generally it is best to keep the width where you need it and allow the picture to be a bit long.

If the picture is too narrow or too short you will see a considerable amount of grey space, which doesn’t look particularly attractive.

An option to consider is to place a colored background behind the image that is too small so you can fill the space.

Upload the Pictures

Upload the pictures into one album. I normally call the album banner or something like that.  As mentioned previously you can use 5 pictures or more.  The pictures will automatically fill in the space and also will rotate automatically.

A Sample

Unaltered Photos






Re-Sized Photos
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