How Not to Behave When Delivering Food

A Delivery Person Scared Me

scared womanI moved recently. As many people will do when the pots, pans and dishes are packed up, I ordered dinner in. The easiest thing seemed to be a pizza, so I found a local place and called in an order. Not too long after, someone came to my door. Because my dogs were exceedingly excited, I put them away so they couldn’t harass the delivery person.

I opened the door and a very tall man was standing there. Before I could say much of anything, he said, “It’s cold out” walked into my house and shut my door behind him. For a moment I thought, “I’m about to die  and/or get raped in my new house.” Obviously, I did not die, I was not attacked, all I did was get a very yummy pizza.

But here’s the thing. What the hell was this guy  thinking? Clearly, it didn’t occur to him that a 5′ tall woman would be utterly terrified by having a man walk into her house without permission. Frankly, I don’t care how cold it is. Stay the heck outside.

I understand, most men have never had to think, as women do, about their safety, about the possibility that they could be attacked. ( I am not saying men never have to think about this, don’t misunderstand, I know men can be attacked too. It just isn’t as pervasive.) However, I don’t know one woman who hasn’t had at least a few occasions when she has felt this kind of fear.

Use some common sense, delivery people. Don’t scare your customers.

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