Removing (or Adding) a Location to a Facebook Post

I’m actually writing this post for my cousin Jacki, who was wondering about removing the automatic location from Facebook. I figured a lot of people might have the same question.

So Jacki, I dedicate this post to you.

New Features Default to On

Many of the new features created are defaulted to on and controlled from where you make the post. People are used to having to go to privacy to change settings like this, so this new layout is causing a bit of confusion.   There is also no obvious way to turn the features off, you have to look for it a bit. As it turns out, once you know how the features work they are actually pretty easy to use, they simply default to how you used them in the last post. If Facebook explained such things in the first place life would have been a lot less confusing.

Automatic Location

As the name suggests, locations tell people where you are when you post. Originally this service just existed for cellphones, but now it is available for your computer as well. This feature defaults to on.  If you want to turn it off you only need to tell Facebook to stop using it in one post, and then the default is off for every future post.

Here you see a post which informed the world (automatically) that I am in Mechanicsburg.





Disabling or Altering the Location (Click on an image to increase the size)

Here is a post I am writing with the location enabled. As you can see, the arrow points to the spot where Facebook thinks I am at the moment. (Mechanicsburg.) It is a bit hard to see.






In order to delete the location, simply hover your mouse by the Mechanicsburg, and an X will appear. Click the X to remove the location.







In all future posts, no location will be shown. Instead you will see a location icon. Here is the next post I am writing. Below that is the post as seen by my friends. As you can see, no location is contained in either image.








Turn Location On/Put in a Different Location

Once you turn location off, if you want to tell people where you are you will need to reactivate it. Simply click on the location icon. Facebook will try to find locations or you can type one in.





Below is the box you will see once you click on the icon. Just type in what you want and click post.












If Facebook has suggested a location but you want to change it, click on the name of the location Facebook provided (as in Mechancisburg above.) You will be able to type in whatever you like.














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