Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!

As the year ends we all have a tendency to look back and see what happened during the past year. I look back and am amazed by what has happened. I guess it happened so quickly I didn’t even see it coming.

During 2011 I left my job of 12+ years and started working as a consultant with my dear colleague and now business partner, Ellen Freedman.  The profession has embraced me, clients have found me, and Ellen has been an amazing mentor. Social media has played a huge role in my success and I am grateful to each and every person who has engaged with me or read what I had to say during the past year. I got Freedman Consulting accredited for CLE, launched a store, developed numerous webinars and started marketing an entirely new business. I have also been traveling across Pennsylvania teaching about social media. Generally I have had one heck of a time.

Curtis too has been happy, since he has me home most of the time. Nothing like a home office for the over attached dog.

In 2012 I will have my first full year as a consultant,  move closer to Philadelphia, begin speaking on a national basis, and will turn 40. Curtis will turn 4, but we all know that is pretty old in dog years.  He is already going grey and looking as distinguished as a lab can look..

I wonder what I will have to say when I look back at 2012?

Both Curtis and I hope it is a happy, healthy and successful year for you.

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