Social Media Explained through Doughnuts

I came across an image of a white board today that explained social media through doughnuts. Credit goes to @ThreeShipsMedia. Some quoted, some restated, some added, one changed completely.




Twitter: I’m eating a doughnut

Facebook: I like doughnuts

Foursquare: I am eating a doughnut at this place right now

Instagram: Enjoy this vintage photo of my doughnut

Youtube: Watch me feed a doughnut to my dog

LinkedIn: My skills include eating doughnuts

Pinterest: Look at this picture of a doughnut and a doughnut recipe that I found.

Last FM/Spotify: I’m listening to the song, “Doughnuts”

Scribd: I wrote a document about doughnuts

Blog: This is what I think about doughnuts

Google+: I am trying to improve my doughnut business’ SEO


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