Review of SuperTooth Buddy Bluetooth Visor Speakerphone


Leaving aside the stupid name, at under $40, with a high rating on Amazon, I thought that the SuperTooth might be the right choice for me. It wasn’t, but not because of any technical issues, it just doesn’t do quite enough. But if you are looking for something that receives and makes calls, you might find the SuperTooth to be the right choice for you.

Easy Installation

The SuperTooth promises easy installation, and it delivers. If you know how to connect a bluetooth device to your phone, you can install the SuperTooth. Physically installing it in your car couldn’t be easier, simply slide it onto your visor. The magnetic holder is a nice touch, allowing you to leave the clip in place, and take the SuperTooth with you in your bag or pocket.

If you leave the SuperTooth on, and leave your bluetooth on in your phone, the device connects whenever you are near enough for a connection. In fact, I have issues with the device connecting when I am sitting in my living room with my car parked out front.

Good, Basic Device

The SuperTooth is a good, basic device. It takes calls, receives calls, and lets you send messages. It also includes the option to connect two different phones. So if you have a passenger in your car, or two people need to use the device, it is able to do so. You can’t both make a call at once, but you can both be connected to the SuperTooth at the same time.

Sound Quality

When people called me I had no trouble hearing them. They, in turn, seemed to have no trouble hearing me. The clarity was such that people sitting in the back of my car could communicate with people on the call.

From time to time, when I pressed the button to start the SuperTooth, the electronic voice was garbled, but once it settled in and the call started, the sound was fine.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition was so-so. This is an issue with most voice recognition devices, so I cannot be too critical. However, some devices allow for downloading the entire address book to assist with this problem. SuperTooth does not. Over all, I was frustrated with making calls hands free and frequently had to pick up my phone to make the call.


Operation of the SuperTooth is very easy. If you want to make a call you push a button. If you want to accept a call, you push the same button. Volume control and on/off are also easily accessible. If you make a mistake or want to cancel something, you just say cancel. When the voice recognition actually recognized what I was trying to say, the device worked very well.

What’s Missing?

This is the first full hands-free system I have purchased. I considered spending more on something that allowed for more but decided against it for my Florida trip. After using the SuperTooth for a few days, I realized that I do want a device that can do more. Some devices are capable of taking full advantage of the hands-free features of the phone, and that is what I decided I want. So I will be returning the SuperTooth and buying a less basic device. Once I do so, I will provide a review of that device as well.


If you want a good, basic hands-free device that is capable of receiving and making calls as well as sending messages, the SuperTooth is a good choice for you. The only hesitation I have is in the voice recognition capacity of the device itself. But I am not sure that I have found many devices to have much better recognition. I don’t think that the issues I experienced as unique to SuperTooth.

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