Update on Alarm System

A while back I reviewed a wireless alarm system I installed in my house. I am pleased to say that this same alarm system easily moved with me to my new home. I installed it in the space of a few moments. My new home has more doors, and that is another nice thing about this system. I simply spent a bit of money and easily added those doors to my system as well.

This is one of the nice things about wireless systems. My landlord won’t care because there is no damage to my walls. It is easy enough to patch over screw holes later on. I already did this for my old townhouse.

So now, here I am, my mind at ease knowing that if someone tries to break into my home, I will be alerted, as will my alarm company. It makes me feel that much safer. Of course, Curtis’ bark is just as likely to keep someone away, but better safe than sorry. I remember watching a tv show about people who used to be criminals, and they certainly knew that most dogs won’t bite. I have a feeling that Curtis would protect me if I was in danger. My house? No so sure about that one.

The system is still ugly. But what are you gonna do. Better safe than pretty.



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