Update on Rondee – Free Conference Calling

You might recall that I had a disastrous experience with the free conference call service Rondee.  Well, yesterday  (October 28) I got an email from the CEO, which I will post in full here.  You will note the CEO states that they updated their Twitter feed. That is interesting, because when I was looking for an explanation of what happened, I couldn’t find anything anywhere. Including Twitter. Perhaps I looked at the wrong feed, it is certainly possible. Or perhaps I looked before the information was posted, since I seemed to be in the perfect storm of events.

I appreciate Rondee’s CEO reaching out, the apology is well-received and accepted.  Will I use Rondee again? I don’t know. By this point I have moved on and found other solutions, so I am not sure that I would be willing to go back to a provider that failed me. And that is the problem with a failure these days. There are so many options that when a service fails and there are other options (especially when it is the first time you use something) why would you go back? Perhaps someone who uses Rondee or someone from Rondee would like to comment on why I should give Rondee a second chance, why it is superior to other services. Please feel free to do so.


Hello Jennifer,

Earlier today one of our users directed us to your blog entry from July 7th describing your unfortunate experience with Rondee.  First of all, I want to apologize for what happened to you and your participants on June 28th.

That day we had a primary server outage and it took several hours to repair.  During that time-frame, many of users were affected.  While we did send out two Tweets notifying users of the problem and notifying them when it had been remedied (in real time on June 28th), we should have also updated our Blog as well.

We know that our users place a high degree of trust in us to provide a reliable conferencing service. I am so sorry that we fell down on the job when you needed us to perform.


Andre Vanier
CEO, Rondee
(phone number redacted)

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