Now that’s secure Bluehost!

As I have mentioned before, I switched my web hosting to Bluehost recently. Bluehost is recommended as the top WordPress host on the web, and so far, I have nothing to suggest that assessment is incorrect. I found the process very easy. At least on Bluehost’s side. 1and1 has been a pain in the butt. However, yesterday, something happened that surprised me quite a bit.

I am not the sort to just leave someone high and dry (I gave PBI 3.5 months notice after 12.5 years) so I promised Ellen I would help her through any technology glitches as we separated our various websites, emails, etc. One glitch Ellen experienced involved switching her email, not from the provider, but during the change from the host of her domain. I spent some time yesterday evening resolving the issue.

I decided the best way to fix the problem would be to get a dedicated IP address from Bluehost for Ellen’s domain. But when I went to purchase the dedicated IP I was informed I had to call and verify the account. So I called. I was able to provide all of the information Bluehost wanted, but they were concerned I was not calling from the phone number on the account. They asked, could they add my phone number, I said no. They said we can’t verify you then, call from the number on the account.

Well darn, I thought. I want to get this done. I decided to try again about 30 minutes later. This time, when they asked if they could add my number to the account, I said sure. And they verified it. Now, admittedly they first required the last four digits of the credit card and the last four characters in the passcode, so it isn’t as if the phone number was the only piece of information they needed, but I don’t get the whole phone number verification.  How does it provide any security if I can simply tell you to add my phone number to the account? In what world does that make sense?

Come on how Bluehost. Don’t be kafkaesque.

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