Worried about Facebook Privacy for Old Posts? Use Limit Old Posts

Want to Make Sure Old Facebook Posts Are Limited to Friends?


Every now and again, you might wonder with whom you shared a post. But finding those old posts so you can check the settings can be difficult.  Fortunately, Facebook has an easy way to limit who can see your old posts.  The tool called Limit Old Posts, let’s you change the settings on all old posts at one time.  Keep in mind in addition, people you tag in a post, along with their friends, will still be able to see a specific post.

The instructions

Click on any image to increase the size.

Step 1 – Access the privacy settings

Step 1



Step 2 – Click on More Settings









Step 3 – Click on limit old posts







Step 4 – Confirm you want to limit old posts. The text explains the details.






Step 5 – Final confirmation






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