Shazam, the app that identifies music from just a few bars

Like most people, I will be out and about, or in my car, hear a song I like and wonder what it is. Shazam has been a big help in solving that problem. Also the problem of getting a song stuck in my head until I figure out the name.

Since I am not a programmer I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it is to create an application that is capable of listening to a few bars of music and identifying its source. But from an end user, darn those guys are brilliant.

Today I was watching a tv show, recognized a piece of music, but couldn’t recall the name. So I pulled out my phone and hit Shazam. From using the app in the past I just had to hope it would be able to figure out the song over the slight background noises in the show at that moment.

Well, much to my surprise, Shazam actually recognized the tv show I was watching, and offered me a list of the songs contained within the show, including the minutes into the show during which the song played. What makes it even more impressive is that I was watching the show on DVR, the music occurred during a segment when there was no speaking, and yet, Shazam still figured it out.

Shazam has more features than I can begin to describe here, mainly because I don’t know all the features. It shows lyrics, offers bios, the folks just keep adding more neat stuff.

What is the purpose of this blog post? Not much really. Just to tell you, if you haven’t tried it, give Shazam a try. It will rock your world.

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