WPEngine for Webhosting

Sometimes people wonder what company I use for hosting websites. All of my websites, including this one, are hosted by WPEngine.

This website was actually on Bluehost for many years. While I never had major downtime issues, I found that my site was slow on Bluehost. It is important to understand that wordpress, which is what I use to design my sites, is a database driven system. That database requires a host that can keep up. WPEngine is specifically made for WordPress based sites. It is optimized to run them. My site has sped up quite a bit since I made the change.

My affiliate link for WPEngine is https://wpengine.com/more/specialoffer/?w_agcid=kzDwJhnj

If you use this link, you will benefit me but you will also receive a discount on your hosting package. Make sure you look for any discount codes. Right now the offer is 3 months free if you pay for a year in advance.

For most people, the initial plan, for $30/month ($22 with my affiliate discount) will serve your needs. You may consider adding the plugin updater which can help keep your plugins up-to-date.

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